Hi There,

I am Dinesh Pal Gautam, a Calligrapher, lettering artist, and designer based in Delhi NCR. As the founder of Dipeegraphy - A Calligraphy Studio, my primary aim is to share my deep connection and affection for the art of Calligraphy. My fascination with creating exquisite written pieces using various tools such as bamboo sticks, pencils, pens, and sketch pens started during my childhood, and I have persistently practiced and honed my skills ever since. This unwavering passion eventually led to the creation of the dipeegraphy studio. Interestingly, my friends affectionately nicknamed me DP, which is short for Dinesh Pal. Combining DP with "graphy" from Calligraphy gave birth to the brand name "Dipeegraphy."

The work that I do spreads across various styles and scripts in English as well as Devanagari - ranging from handwritten ink on paper to lettering on to various surfaces, engraving on glass and much more! This has led me to fall in love with the world of design and illustration, hence you will now see a lot more than Calligraphy, but the soul and essence of everything we do is script.

In today’s highly digital world that we live in, calligraphy holds the rare ability to evoke sentiments of warmth and genuine felicity among human beings. The duality of perfection among imperfection is what resonates with most of us. Calligraphy is not just an art. It is an extension of character.

At Dipeegraphy, We are committed to deliver beautifully crafted calligraphy products, tailored to each customer’s unique preferences, ensures an unforgettable experience that keeps customers coming back for more

So, give us your words and let us bring them to life!


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